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Character Creation Guidelines

Characters in Dream Haven are built on a tier system. The basic rule is that, until such time as a deviant is invested, their characters will be limited to help prevent characters from breaking the system. Of course, it is still the responsibility of the administrators (founder, co-founders, and contributors) to police character submissions and story entries to make sure they are appropriate, help build the environment, and don’t break the world.

Every member of the group has a tier position based on the number of submissions that the member has made to Dream Haven and/or West End. There are several rules regarding what counts as a submission and what does not, as detailed below:

1) Story submissions count as one submission. Stories need not be long, but they must move a plot along or provide information that can be used in other stories. The Lingerie Brawl, for example, contained an internal story about heroes dressing up and modeling to raise money for the Clark-Zenn Foundation. While entrants into the brawl did not have to include stories or vignettes, if stories and vignettes were included and submitted to AngelFalls-WestEnd, then they can be used as a single submission. Stories do not have to be literature-comics or movies, for example, would also count as a submission, as would a spoken-word performance.
2) Collaborative efforts will count as a single submission for each collaborator. This means that if you write a story, include two characters that belong to other members, and hire an artist, then that submission will be worth a single submission for four separate people. An example of this would be Shooting Stars, Chapter Three. Most of the sections of Chapter three count as a submission for myself, for Lady-Quantum, for moxiee, and for SebastiansSire. On the other hand, while LoneStranger and Knight3000 could each claim a submission from the pictures I gifted them, but I could not claim one because I was uninvolved in the story process in any way.
3) Reasonably complete setting resources count as one submission. This includes any fully detailed landmark, building, company, social grouping, etc. Character Biographies are not included-for one thing, character bios would set me up with another 37 entries, minimum, and that just seems inherently unfair. A good example of a non-literary setting resource would be TrekkieGal’s map of the West End.

The number of submissions required for each tier are listed below:
----0-29 Tier 3
----30-39 Tier 4
----40-49 Tier 5
----50-59 Tier 6
----60-69 Tier 7
----70-79 Tier 8
----80-89 Tier 9
----90-99 Tier 10
----100+ Full investiture

Each tier allows a character to develop a single power; accordingly, all characters made by new members will be limited to a maximum of three effects per character.

Finally, once a member reaches full investiture, he or she is no longer limited in terms of the characters the member can make. There is, of course, still the assumption that reason will be employed, and the administrators still have the right to reject a character that seems unreasonably likely to unbalance the setting to the point of making it no longer fun for others.

A list of base effects follows:
Basic Travel (Running, Flying, Swimming, personal teleportation)
Ranged Attack/Blasts
Enhanced Physical Characteristics (Example: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Appearance)
Enhanced Mental Characteristics (Example: Intelligence, Charisma, Wisdom)
Mental/Biological Control
Telekinesis/Matter Control
Comprehensive Life Support
Enhanced/Additional Senses (depending on nature, may count as more than one)
Precognitive Abilities
Matter Creation
Energy Creation
Extra-Human Skills (Example: Batman, Taskmaster)
Melee Attack/Blasts
Other Weirdness
*****Killing Attack Add-on (must be added to an existing
------------Traditional Weapons will be required to have the Killing
------------Attack Add-on. This includes any sort of gun (provided
------------it can be used to kill), or bladed weapon.
------------Blunt weapons should be discussed with an Admin to
------------see if the Killing Attack Add-on is

Power Limitations:

Don’t Be that Guy!!!!!

It's all good if you want your powers, and do the cool stuff like lifting heavy objects, or even having a bad guy blow something up (mind you if you don't own it, get permission first), but what we do ask is that you put it back after you do. Write about it, this IS a storytelling page after all. Do your due diligence, and show what happens AFTER the battle as well as during the knock down drag out battle to end all battles.

Addendum: Sometimes wrecking things will be permanent- if that's the case, make double sure that you have the permissions of anyone who is likely to be affected. It's never fun if some of your stuff were to be destroyed and someone went "oops" and flew off...why would you do it to another person, right? Be mindful of the fact that some people may have stories in progress that have not been published, yet- sweeping changes may have more wide-reaching consequences than you've anticipated.









Gallery Folders


Mature Content

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Kick by maltorramus
A New World by maltorramus
Dream Haven Maps
The Official Dream Haven Subway Map for 2017 by TrekkieGal
Caring Hands Clinic by WhisakedJak
The City of Dream Haven by TrekkieGal
Dream Haven 4.2 by TrekkieGal
Setting Resources
Dream Haven Area Rapid Transit by TrekkieGal

Mature Content

Wew 07-09-17 by WhisakedJak
Winter Bikini Challenge
Winter Bikini Challenge- Personal Day by WhisakedJak
Mandrill (Dream Haven WBC) by Crisis-Comics
Phobos (Dream Haven WBC) by Crisis-Comics
Setting Writeups
PA: SIAA by WhisakedJak
2017 Penelope's Personals Lingerie Brawl
Lingerie Brawl 2017 by TrekkieGal
2017 Lingerie Brawl - Mindy Marvel by brad328

Mature Content

Superheroines in Lingerie (2017 Lingerie Brawl) by kittyelfie
2017 Lingerie Brawl - Tara Genovese by TrekkieGal

Dream Haven Useful Links

The Dream Haven Chat is now active at:

We also have a suggestion box:…

and a link to submit new stories to the West End Weekend:…
The :icondream-havenda: and :icondreamhaven-westend: moderators met on October 14, 2017 in the Discord Dream Haven Administrators channel. Moderators in attendance were :iconieliara:, :iconkiama123:, :iconlady-quantum:, :iconlonestranger:, :icontrekkiegal:, and :iconwhisakedjak:, comprising 6 out of the available 8 moderators for the Dream Haven group. A number of topics were proposed, but the focus of the meeting was primarily on two topics: the acceptance of a new moderator and nailing down the major events specifically supported by Dream Haven.

Much of the admin chat is confidential; the reason for this is to allow administrators to speak honestly about their concerns without worrying about hurting other members’ feelings or reprisals. With that in mind, while I will provide a summary of the discussion, I will not be providing specific details regarding which moderators said what.

The first topic dealt with :iconsebastianssire:’s request to be made a moderator. We determined that, although the group did not actually need any additional moderators, his request was not unreasonable, and SebastiansSire has been made a group moderator on a probationary status until January 12. Two major concerns were brought up regarding this appointment and comprise the reason for the probationary status: first, Sire is perceived as impetuous and, second, Sire has demonstrated a tendency towards some lingering biases in his personal opinions. Balancing this, Sire has also been a member of the group since it was founded; a regular contributor both of stories and of world-building material; and he is one of the most easily contacted members of the group, maintaining a near constant presence on both deviantArt and discord.

As an aside, Sire has stated that he is aware of his limitations and that he will try to be cognizant and conscientious when acting as a moderator. His awareness of his shortcomings and willingness to work on them, coupled with the amount of work he has already put into the setting and his enthusiasm for improving the group have earned :iconsebastianssire: the traditional reward for work done well: more work. Welcome to the moderators, SebastiansSire.

The other major topic of discussion was trying to nail down how many events we would have on an annual basis, what they would be, and when they would be. As of last year, :iconkiama123: laid out a plan for one event per month. This was ambitious but, ultimately, proved to be too many events for artists and authors to fully support. We decided that we would pare down the list to five, this year, making each event two weeks long so that writers and artists have sufficient time to produce work specific to the event.

At present, three major events are detailed, with two more still in the very ambiguous planning stages. Specifically, Dream Haven will have a February-based holiday centered on Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, and the Lingerie Brawl. A second event will cover Founder’s Week, and we invite members to suggest themes that might be fun to play with. Full details of Founder’s Week should be ready before the end of the year. The Halloween Bash  is another traditional event for Dream Haven and the West End, and the tradition will continue as one of our major events, with a focus on both some form of supernatural or horror theme and the cosplay which so many heroes and heroines find enjoyable. The other two events, as yet undefined, are open for suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions, we are trying to make it a little easier for members to have their voices heard; specifically, a google docs Suggestion Box now exists for members to place ideas into. Please read the instructions on the document carefully, then leave your topics for the moderators to consider. We ask that you remember that, while we will look at all ideas, we cannot guarantee that all ideas will be implemented. We also ask that you allow us reasonable time (at least a full week) to look over suggestions before we come to any decisions.

Two new channels have been opened in the Dream Haven Discord Chat: specifically, we’ve opened a channel for map discussions and a channel to discuss the history of the setting. We would like it if members would make a point of letting :icontrekkiegal: know of any new landmarks they want to add to the map and, if possible, discuss with her the most likely locations. Similarly, when you write something that requires a degree of revisionist history, please make a note of it on the history channel so that we can chronicle it. The goal is to keep things flowing easily and without too many significant contradictions.

Finally, another shared document is being created to allow users to identify and suggest News Items that ought to appear in the West End Weekend. The format will be similar to the suggestion box, and I would like to ask that users, again, read the guidelines before attempting to post. I cannot promise that everything posted into the News Items will make it into the paper, as certain events or space considerations may take precedence, but if there are enough items, I will, at least, attempt to get the paper out significantly more frequently.
More Journal Entries


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AzureVirgo Featured By Owner Edited 22 hours ago
Hello. I know that I'm not a member here, but wanted to let you all know that infernaldragon001.deviantart.c… is an art thief/scammer who takes superhero/heroine related pictures and renders, and claims that he's the artist. I don't know how deep the rabbit hole is since he blocked me when I found out he took four of my pictures.
Lady-Quantum Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! :wave:

When we investigated your claim, there were no super hero or heroine renders taken from DA that were apparent. There were several of what appeared to be screenshots of Marvel and DC related characters from a video game that he did claim were thumbnails created by his wife, but her account has since been deactivated, and so cannot be substantiated. While we appreciate a heads up, there is no evidence at this point in time of any art theft or scamming of our characters. 

Lots of :hug:

P.S. If you feel that something needs to be done, I recommend reviewing the TOS and contacting an administrator for further support.
AzureVirgo Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Thanks for writing back to me. As you said, it was just a heads-up to a larger hero related community to a problem they may not have been aware of. The administration has been since notified and resolution in their hands.

Thanks for the hugs and keep up the awesome work over there
Tybo226 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017
Hello my friends I was wondering if I could join you group
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Just click the join the group button, Tybo
Tybo226 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017
Oh right
true-spartan Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Okay for some reason I can't get onto the Chat. So I'll state my problem here. I'm trying to create a villain and I feel that I need some help. I'm rusty at this, at least in the area of making him fit into the setting better. His name is Apostate and he has the ability to both create and manipulate feeling of Doubt in those around him.

Any tips would be welcome. Whether on here or by pm either is good for me.
WhisakedJak Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
There are a number of ways to start; I would look at how you intend to use him, first- not just his powers, but what his powers will bring to a story. Think about what sort of personality you want him to exhibit. Is he overbearing, thus making his powers seem like a natural extension of his confident nature? Is he a nervous ferret whose power is an amplification of his own natural dread?

Once you have his personality fixed in your mind, aim to develop a history that explains why he's developed that set of character traits. With a personality and history in place, it simply becomes a matter of selecting appropriate places for his history to happen in.
GentlemanPlayer Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017
I am the owner of several characters that :icontrekkiegal: uses in some of her stories that take place in Dream Haven.

They are: Tamara Blackwood (Lady Watamaraka), Carina Silverman (Carrera SilverHair) and Kyrell Sulaiman.

I was recommended to join this group by TrekkieGal, but I am unable to join as it is currently closed. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
WhisakedJak Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry- my bad. Apparently when I reset the permissions, I messed up the member join requests. It should be working now, if you try it again.
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